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Monday, 30 September 2019

TiruMurugatruppadai, Guiding to Lord Murugu Outlook

TiruMurugatruppadai is a poem that guides a poet to enjoy the grace of Lord Murugu at his abode of various places.
18 literary works in Tamil belongs B.C. period are called Sangam literature.
They are 10 poems and 8 anthologies.
Among the 10 Tirumurugattruppadai, means Guiding Lord Murugan placed in first. The author of the work is Nakkirar. Another work Nedunal-vadai among the 10 is also composed by him.  

It seems to be divided into 9 parts.
  1. Appearance of the Lord
  2. Lord in TirupparanKuntram
  3. Lord in Alaivai
  4. Lord in AvinanKudi
  5. Lord in Eragam
  6. Lord playing on hills
  7. Lord playing in home festivals
  8. A poet praises the Lord
  9. Lord in mountain-forest called Palamuthir-solai.
At the end some poems worshipping Him are added. They are the works of somebody.

Among the 9, 6 places are called abodes of the Lord according to latter scholars. 
They are:
  1. TirupparanKuntram, a hill nearby Maduri  
  2. Alaivai, Tiruchenthur 
  3. AvinanKudi, modern Polani 
  4. Eragam, modern Sami-malai  
  5. Lord playing on hills
  6. Palamuthir-solai.
These are to be considered in critical studies. 

Lord Murugan 

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