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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

PariPadal 1 God TiruMal

Mythological information depicted in this poem
He is One God, in whose head a snake with thousand head sneezing anger against the evil. In his chest, the Goddess of wealth rests in. he is the God having complexion white in color as the color of the conch. He has separate flags with the symbols (1) Palmyra tree and (2) elephant. He has ear-ring of plow in one of his ear.
He has eyes like lotus, complexion of blue in color as flower PUVAI (KAYA), amour with pernicious coral red in color, dress of gold and male-kite in his flag. He is the theme of Brahman’s slogans.
All the voice and music, he is.
He is the winner in anybody’s attach.
He is the father of two sons: Kaman, the God of love and Brahma, the God of creation.
Even the saints who have clear vision in thought could not know of His coming into the world.
Having such a kind of greatness, how can ordinary man says his existence, the poet inquires.
Fame, his shadow is.
Wheel, he has in hand.
I pray you, the poet says, let I and my relative to be in your feet as foot-ware for ever. You the poet of assurance! Endow us to be so.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Paripadal, a music literature

Poems on River Vaigai spokes about Tirpparanguntram temple.
Paripadal is classical music literature. It belongs to later period of ‘Sangam Age’ as it has been added creative stories on Gods in different names.

As per record, 70 poems were compiled in this work. But at present only 22 poems are available. Along with these 11 more poems were added in print, supposed to be ‘paripadal’.
The theme core of the poems concentrated is as follows:
God Vishnu – 8 poems (available 6)
God Murugan – 31 poems (available 8)
Goddess of victory (KaduKal) – 1 poems (available 0)
River Vaigai – 26 poems (available 8)
Town Madurai – 4 poems (available 0)

A note on the theme of the poem, the author of the poem, the name of the composer of music and the classical music allotted to it.
In this way it is a valuable literature to music art of ancient times.

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