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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Natrinai 400

Petals of plantain flower fall on paddy yields. Valai fish turns near the bundles of paddy yield harvested in the field. You are the Man of such kind of fertile land.
You, the man of great, without your grace I cannot survive.
The court of the Chola kings in their capital Uraiyur, nobody receives injustice. Like this, I cannot be treated without benevolence on your part. That is your greatness. I shall be loyal to your endowment.
A concubine says to the customer, a rich man in the village.
A concubine with her clint. 
Poet: Vanganar of Alangudi village
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 399

It is the mountain range with waterfalls’ sound. Flowers Kandal will bloom blood in color. Mites in various colors eat honey. There will be park with Tree Valai. Wild pig will plow the land for prey. Diamonds appear in the soil dust plowed by pig. Female elephant delivers calf in the diamond light while the male guarding both. He is the Man of such rich land. He in his pride loves you. Be proud of you, the friend-maid advises the lady.
Can he regain the beauty of my forehead marrying me, the lady asks.
The man hearing in a distance will marry the lady, is their aim.
male, female and calf elephants 
Poet: TolKapilar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 398

Deadening God is hiding. The sun sets in west. Up to the time we play swimming against the waves in sea. Your play-mates are returning home drying the wet in hair; to remove their hungry. Let us go before them enjoying the flower on the way, the friend-maid insists her lady. Her lady is not ready to return home. She speaks nothing. Her eyes shed some tears on her breast longing for her man’s hug.
“What shall I do” the friend-maid worries.
Poet: Ulochanar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 397

My shoulder loses its beauty. He has not touch with me for many days. I am seeing the way where from he comes. On seeing with expectation my eyes loses its powerful sight. Loss of expectation makes my mind terns into mad. Lust feeling flows as flood. Evening time that increases the lust feeling is coming. What will be my position I could not predict. I am not afraid of dying. It is my worry, if I die without marrying him during my present life, I cannot get the relation of his wife in the next birth.
The lady says to her friend-maid during her clandestine love period.

a culture of a Tamil girl 

Poet: AmMuvanar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 396

After the rain the waterfall flows heavy. It is a huge mountain with honey hives hang on rock cave. There will be full of flowers in Vengai tree. Peacocks eat the flowers; pollens fall on peacock; the birds smell fragrant; and they enjoy rising sun. You are the Man of such a beautiful land. You gave me your chest to hug. You spellbound me with your sweet words. But will not protect me marrying. To whom, shall I appeal without you? I am suffering with mental pain.
The lady appeals to her lover.
your chest is sweet to my my beast
but without marrying? 
Poet: not known
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Natrinai 395

You, man, who are you? What is the relation to my lady? You are not any relation to us. You are not a foe of friend seems to be new man. That is all. You are holding my lady in mind. If I find, I could not find any relation between us. Nothing is more.
King Kuttuvan appears mounting on elephant in one time and on chariot in another time. When he destroys enemies his royal band blows. The girls dive into the sea water climbing peak of rocks with a sound as the king’s band sounds. When they are going to dive, they leave their old garlands. The cows eat their garlands. They return to cattle in the evening. Even in such evening time you do not think my lady’s position suffering in love-sick. You have already presented here. If you want to leave from here please give her old peace of mind and structural beauty and go.
The friend-maid of the lady says to man of her lady’s lover, in her words on behalf of.
God and Goddess \ intensive lovers
Poet: Ammuvanar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 394

It is the forest having trees-head. There is Omai-tree spreading branches. An owl raises its voice sweetly as the goldsmith beating lightly the gold to make ornament.
My lover came in his chariot. He is returning back. It is the chariot with decoration. A bell is hanging to ring. The wheel rolling on gravel soil and the bell make music when he goes.
“I hail you, happy journey”, I am murmuring. But, in another corner, I feel pain. Rain falls mingling with snow fall. He hugs me to warm. Now he is leaving. He wears sandal past on his chest that makes cool. If it becomes wet by rain and snow he will meet further cold. That is my worry.
Poet: Auvaiyar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 393

Female elephant is tired after delivery. Its male tries to bring food gathering millet-yields in farm. The farmers shoot firing-sticks on the stealing elephant. The fire-stick flows like comet in the sky. Your lover is a Man of such a mountain land. He used to come to meet you at night-time. As you feel, he also feels the difficulties of night-time. Hence, he came to marry you. If your parent give you married to him is good. He is a new man to your parents. You are feeling shy to open your mouth. Will they give you in marriage, or not, I am worrying, the friend-maid says to her lady.
Poet: Kovur Kilar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 392

The fisherman has the strength of catching shark fish by his legs. Their children will cry for their father left them at home when he go on fishing at sea. When they get earning themselves by co-operation Palmyra tender fruit, Nungu they will be satisfied. They appear with their hair left careless. Our village is thus, the lady says to her friend-maid. She continues. Our village with Palmyra fencing is nearby to the littoral garden where I and my lover met in daytime. Now, it is midnight. Without knowing my house and village he may be waiting there. It is better if he knows my house. if he knows he may come here to hug me and relieve my longing mental pain.
The friend-maid can help him know the place, is the aim of these words.
Poet: Madurai Marutan IlaNaganar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Natrinai 391

The friend-maid consoles her lady.
You, innocent girl! Please stop crying. He, your lover will not leave you after seeing your tears. He will stop his decision leaving you.
There is scattered shadow in the forest like the lines on the back of the tiger. The buffalo eats the leaves of the creepers growing snow in the forest and leaves something aside. The girls gather the left leaves and make leaves-dress for them. It is the country by name ‘KonKanam’ ruled by King Nannan. In this country there is a hill by name ‘Elil Hills’. It is a hill having a treasury with gold. Let your lover go there and gifted with the gold-hill. Even if he gets such a large amount of wealth, he will not stay there leaving your eyes with tears. Your eyes are like petals of water lily in rain with alluring beauty.   
tears in alluring eyes  
Poet: PerunKadunKo, named after his poem on arid track
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 390

A concubine says to a neighbor.
Beaver sleeps letting Valai (Boal, also Bami) fish freely move without catching. There will be enormous white water lily flowers in the paddy fields of Venni village belong to King Killi, a philanthropist. I intend to make leaves-dress with these flowers decorating myself in my waist; then, walk in the village celebrating festival so as to see the chieftain of the village. If he happened to see he couldn’t stay without hugging me. If he hugs, alas, my shoulder will receive pressing impression. That is the spoiling impression I like.
Valai fish


Poet: Auvaiyar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 389

Tree Vengai blooms like dots of leopard. Falls drops water sweet like honey. The mountain looks greenish like blue diamond. My mother looks at me anxiously. My father went on hunting deer with his followers who call kill elephants by shooting arrows. My mother asked me to go to the millet field and guard the yields stealing from parrots. He, my lover is the Man of country with soil; the dust of which glitters with gold when wild cock and hen scratch the soil with their nail searching prey. I hope I can get my bliss of love affairs with my man-in-love.
The lady says to her friend-maid i'm glad.
Tree Vengai blooms like dots of leopard 
Poet: SenKannanar of KaviriPumPattinam
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 388

Words of joy by friend-maid to her lady
You, my friend, I hail you prosperous. Where your love sick in your forehead gone?
The fishermen go on fishing at sea sailing on boats with lamp at midnight; they fish by hook and return to shore early morning with fishes; and dry them in sun. Then they sit gathering under the shadow of Punnnai tree; and drink sweet wine. He, your lover is a man of such customary land. I recall in my mind the periods when he was engaging with you in love affairs; being away for a period; and now being with you enjoying. I hail you be happy for ever.
fishing by hook 
Poet: PerunKannanar, son of MarutanKilar in Madurai
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 387

The real beauty in your hair and shoulder is gone for your lover parts you. Please, note these points; he is passing through the route, where the robbers shoot their arrow to kill the new comers. He has to escape. He will return before rainy season, as he assured to you. See there. There, the symptoms of rainy season appear. There is lightning as the sword of King Seliyan turning in war camp at Talaiyalakanam field. The clouds are seizing the mountain. Are they not the symptoms of rain? Don’t be worry.
The friend-maid consoles her lady with these words.
beauty of shoulder 
Poet: the son of Podhumbil Kilar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Natrinai 386

Male wild pig is a ferocious beast with small eye. It eats the millet yield in the farm cultivated by hill-peoples. Then it rests in the cave without fear where the tiger used to rest. He is the man of such a kind of mountain land. He says “I shall pledge you before the God Anangu (Murugan) marrying”. The lady replied “This kind of pledging before God is not good for a man behaving loyal-less”. Time passes. The friend-maid says to the lady after sometime, “I wonder that man is coming to marry you”. He keeps his words.   
wild pig 
Poet: TanKal Attireyan SenKannanar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 385

Daytime has gone. Flowers shut. There is fish-smell at lagoon. The tortoise sleeps. Crab with its young rests in hole. Birds taking enough prey rest in nest with their young. You are coming by this time. This is not the proper time to get my lady’s love-affairs.
Please come in daytime, the friend-maid advises the man, the lover of her lady.
crab in hole 
Last portion of the poem was lost.
Poet: not known
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 384

Male dove went to fetch prey for its female resting at nest with its young ones being unable to fly; the nest was made on the branch of cactus. It brought some paddy fallen waste on the field destroyed by enemy-king; and fed. I and my eloping lover passed through such a route. Flowers Vengai were fallen on the route. These flowers removed her sufferings by walk. You, my mind note these points happen in our past.
The man recalls.
dove and its young

young pigeons 

Poet: PerunKadunKo named after his poems on arid land
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 383

Leopard appears as blooming Vengai tree at the side of a rock. The male leopard attacks a male elephant at its face to wound and kills in order to remove the hunger of its female with its young. You come in such a dangerous route and offer your bliss to my lady. The friend-maid of the lady continues. Though it is pleasure, really it is not. For, you are coming in midnight; coming in a dangerous way; coming in thundering time when cobra fears. It is not really a gift; you provide her fear.
Please marry and get her.
Poet: Seliyanar, son of Koliyur Kilar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Natrinai 382

The sea-waves are surging in the evening incessantly. Flower water lily opens its petals in layers. Birds are returning to their nest after eating fishes. But, my lover is not thinking at all returning. He is in other country leaving me here. The lady starts saying in this way. Her friend-maid joins with her saying. In these circumstances we must be careful to conceal our sufferings not learn others. If others know our sufferings the people of non-friends blame him. If he comes to know the blaming words he will feel shame. At least to avoid his feeling we must conceal our sufferings.
bird eats fish 
waves are surging 
Poet: Nigandan KalaiKottu dandanar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Natrinai 381

He is far away earning wealth. He assured me returning before rainy season. But he did not. It is sure that I shall die in suffering longing for him. To die is not mere words; it will end in action. As a tree stands with its tender leaves, on the bank of a brook in flood, eroding soil at the root, I am having my life. In this position how can I tolerate my sufferings? King Neduman Anji gives chariots to the poor mounting on his royal elephant to earn repute. As the color of the elephant, he mounted the clouds appear moving and pour rain as his gifts. By this time he did not return.
The lady says to her friend-maid.
As the tree stands without soil i am living without him, she says 

Poet: Auvaiyar
This is a poem of second century B.C.

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