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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Aingurunuru prayer song

'He' has 'She' in his part nor right or left
but in each and every atom or cell with DNA. 
A poem attributed to the anthology work Aingurunuru prays the God as he is ‘One’ having two feet; one of his own and the other of his female part. The three worlds of mythology blossom from ‘One’ with ‘two’ feet.  
This poem belongs to 3rd or 4th century A.D. which is added to the anthology work of poems 'Aingurunuru' belongs to 2nd century B.C.  
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Monday, 24 November 2014

AinguruNuru Ten 1

A mother prays for paddy wealth to give others 
AinguruNuru Ten 1
First-hundred of AinguruNuru [500 love poems in short form] is the work of poet Orambogiyar of Sangam period. The first-ten of the first-hundred reveals the different ambitions of mother and daughter. All the ten start praising the king Adan and the prince Avini.

While the mother’s ambition is concentrating on public interest, the daughter’s ambition is on self-motive of love-life. Mother prays for: wealth of paddy, gold in order to give them to others. She asks for the health and hearty of their pets of cows and oxen. She beseeches their foes should be die to eat food laid on grass with the slogans of Brahmans She recites the words let the living-beings be without hungry and sick. She appeals the king rule peacefully and justice without enmity. She invokes good contact and behavior without the other. Appeals Nature let all will be happy with required rain-fall.  Her daughter prays for getting married her lover as husband.

Each prayer of mother in public interest is annexed with a personal love ambition of her daughter.  

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