Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Purananuru 338

There were three kings wearing unique identity of flowers namely ‘vembu’, ‘ar’ and ‘pondai’ ruling over the Tamil Nadu. She is a girl of a village king. Even a superior monarch who won the three monarchs rule over the entire territory of Tamil Nadu could not get her by winning in battle against her fatter. There was a village in the name of ‘Pontai’ ruled over by a king by name ‘Atan’ having title ‘VeduVel’. The village was situated among the paddy field of fertile land and parks. It was so strong with a fort that could not win by others. She, the heroine is also confined in her home as the ‘Pontai’ fort. Her father, though he is a king of a small village, does not give up his daughter unless the bridegroom bends before him. At that time, a superior monarch approached to get her by winning in war against the simple village king. It is not possible to get her by war. It is to remembered. 

Poem by: KuntrurKilar Maganar (a son of an advisory head of a village)
Poem on: war on getting a lady
Context: a monarch starts war against a chieftain who refused to give his daughter to marry the ruler.
The poem belongs to second century B.C. 

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