Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Purananuru 337

The smell in hair of the heroine spreads all over the village she lives in, KapilaNedunagar. 
  • Monarch Chola is famous in his rule. He can rule with his signals in hand without word of mouth. Even if he so great he could not win the king Pari. If the monarch approach the king as a musician praising the king he can get anything he wants as gift. Such a benevolent man that the king is.
  • There was a hill in the king’s region called Parambu. It has a peculiar spring-pond nobody can approach. The heroine is also so rare in sight, keeping herself in home. Though she has concealed in, the fragrant smell of her hair spreads all over the village. Sometimes she appears and walks in her own style as a cloth moving in wind. She has her clamoring beauty of puberty.          
The war elephants of the monarch are tied in peg. They are fed enough with rice-food and prepared to war.
  • Her father and brother are standing against the monarch with spear in hand. They are trained warriors having experience in war reaping victory.
  • The monarch is standing against them in war as they do not concern to the heroine get married with him. That is why the war is to start.
The civilians doubt about the critical position, the man who is going to hug the heroine pressing her breast.  

Poem by: Kapilar
Poem on: war on getting a lady
Context: a monarch starts war against a chieftain who refused to give his daughter to marry the ruler.
The poem belongs to second century B.C. 

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