Saturday, 27 December 2014

Purananuru # 153

The kinds of gifts articles offered by King AtanOri are spoken in this poem. He donates elephants with jewels decorated every day. He donates in person by his own hands wearing wrist-ring. It is the hands that make fear in war.
The poet wants to enjoy personal experience of his offerings and comes there. His relatives are also in the same mood.
When they meet him, he awarded the ladies with an ornament ‘Kuvalai’ (water lilly) not blossoms in pond water and was made of gold stringed with silver-thread. Again he offered elephants with their family. Having received they enjoyed and forgotten their routine life-habit of singing and dancing.
Poem by: VanParanar
Poem on: King Valvil Ori
Context: while leaving with gifts given by the king.

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