Saturday, 20 December 2014

Purananuru # 141

Emotional gift 
Having endowed with jewelries and wealth, a musician guides another poor one to get as he has received from the patron King Pegan (meaning a man who endows as a raining cloud).

You musician, suffering from hungry with your family, inquire me my history. You are seeing me with a golden-lotus on my head and my wife, dancer with jewels and garland of rich. Before I met my king, I was more than poor as you are now. This is my horse-chariot un-locked. My king donated me all of these you are seeing. He, once, donated his upper-cloth to a peacock while it is dancing in rainy-cloud season, having taken the dancing as it is shivering in order to relive shivering. Comprehending that the peacock should not wear or cover in, he endowed. His endowment of gift is not done expecting the good result in the next rebirth. It is based on to extend of poverty that the recipient has. Such a kind of tender heart, he has. Please approach him and relief of your pain.

Poem by: Paranar
Poem on: Pegan, the king of Aviyar dynasty of VaiNadu land
Context: guiding a music poet to a patron

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