Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Purananuru # 136

Lice eggs in hair 

Counting the enmity, the poet reveals his poverty.
  • Lice-enmity - The lice are biting in my head as the knots tighten in the bottom of my musical instrument ‘yazh’.  
  • Hungry-enmity - Having no food to eat my family and relatives are suffering hungry with tears in eyes.
  • Theft-enmity – While we are passing through the forest to meet you, ‘huliyar’, the short people like monkeys, instead of helping us, threatened us to give them what we have in hand.   
Having faced these kinds of enmities, expecting you help, we are meeting you.
The man what he needs will give others. Others what they enjoy will offer to the donor.
Please do according to your own decision.  
Poem by: Turaiyur OdaiKizar (a farmer hero in TuraiyrOdai village) 
Poem on: King Ay
Context: waiting for charity

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