Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Purananuru # 135

Modern Trekking

The poet is a Yazh-instrument-musician. Being known about the charity if the King Ay, he approaches the king. He explains his critical position. He came to reach him by trekking on mountain where tigers roaming. His wife vitrali, a singing-dancer felt pain while climbing and came treading behind. I was carrying my musical yazh instrument clutching in my arm side. I came to know that you are offering elephants, horses and chariots freely to the requesting men, poets and artists in music and dance. The informers conveyed that you will endow even  the ancestral property. Do me the best. 
Poem by: MudaMosiyar (lamb-man Mosiyar) living in Enichery portion of Uraiyur village
Poem on: King Ay
Context: waiting for charity

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