Saturday, 13 December 2014

Purananuru # 126

A ship of this kind was used
by Tamil King Vanavan
to trade in other countries
and returned with gold
Commerce of the Tamils by sea is mentioned in this poem. As well as commerce of the Greeks in Tamil land Tamils’ commerce by sea in other countries is to be noted.

River South Pennaru is fertilizing King Malaiyan’s country. He attached Mullur village along with his territory. He used the gold in the ornament of opponent king’s royal elephant to make Lotus-shield (Tamarai) to honor the music and dance artists.
The female poet sings in this way. I come to you in order to remove my poverty. You have already endowed many poets that they would not approach another patron to their survival.

This is as the King Vanavan prevented other ships with the help of his army in the Western Sea (Arabian Sea) while he is returning back with gold by trading.

You have also won in many territorial attacks that were highlighted in the poem of Poet Kapilar, a Brahmin a virtuous thinker.
Please provide me shelter.  
Poem by: NapPasalaiyar of Marokkam village
Poem on: King Malaiyaman TirumudiKari
Context: requesting gifts of survivals

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