Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Purananuru # 044

Wearing flower on hair is a kind of happiness. 

  • Your royal elephant have no bath; no food. It is sighing and blowing falling on the ground its shed.
  • The babies are crying want of milk.
  • Women are tying their hair without flower.
  • Without having water to drink peoples are crying.
As being so you are shutting the door of the fort and being comfortably in a corner.

  • You are a man of strength as a lion.
  • If you like goodness, please open the gate and let him to rule.
  • If you like your strength, please open the gate with war.
  • Neither has you preferred yet.
It is shameful.
Poem by: Koovuur Kizaar
Poem to: NedunKilli
Message: advice, while NalanKilli is seizing the fort of his capital, NedunKilli is inside the fort shutting the gate without taking any action.  

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