Sunday, 12 October 2014

Purananuru # 038

this kind of elephant army this king has 
  • You are the victorious king with the elephant army having flags as they sweep the sky.
  • If you see a country on rage it will be in ablaze. If you see it warm, it will have all kinds of bliss. Thus you have the power of creating moon-light in sun and sun-light in moon. 
  • I born under your and live under it.
  • Being live in Upper-World with bliss may attain by deeds good in the present world.
  • There we cannot enjoy the bliss of offering of the nobles and needed to receive.
  • So, all the poets are expecting to live under your rule even in your opponent country.
Poem by: Aavuur Muulankizaar
Poem to: Soozan KilliValavan, who died at Kulamutram village.
Message: praising  

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