Thursday, 9 October 2014

Purananuru # 033

This coin of King Rajenthra Cola 
is added here 
only for the purpose of showing the Tiger emblem 
of the king spoken here. 
We can watch the tiger in the middle. 
Bow emblem in left is belongs to Chera King. 
Emblem 'duel fishes' in right is belongs to Pandia King. 
The king scripted his royal emblem ‘tiger with opening mouth’ at the gate of the fort having seven gates in array [eezeyil-kathavam] by name situated in Kulam (modern Perungulam) village of Pothiyil part of Pandian kingdom.
In the war-camp

  • The history of victory in seizing of the king was singing.
  • Warriors were roaming in war-tent.
  • Meat added food was served by the king to the yazh artists ‘paanar’.
  • All of these performances were done in war-camp.
In the capital

  • Couples of love passion were engaged in conjugal dance. It was like a puppet show. The dance was performed on sand (of river Cauvery) of flower bed in a remote corner where nobody approaches.   
  • Meat was served at the entrance of love-dance.
Poem by: Koovuur Kizaar
Poem to: Soozan Nalan-Killi
Message: victory of the king  

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  1. correction Rajendra Chola has been carried out as per the comment by Rajagopal, an archaeologist. .


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