Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Purananuru # 030

Vessel-yachts enter without folding its leach in its head in Harbor PUHAR
Image – modern vessel 
  • There are somebody saying as they have measured in person the route of the sun, the bearings of the sun, the rolling satellites in its force, the direction of the air and the blankness of the sky.
  • Your mildness is so great even they could not measure.
  • You are hiding your power that is as great as elephant’s digestion of vilam fruit as a whole.
How can the poets compose song on your greatness?

  • You are the king of the country in its harbor PUHAR vast vessel-yachts enter without folding its leach in its head and the wealth loaded being carried away to the interior places.
Poem by: Muthu Kannan Saathanaar of Uraiyuur village
Poem to: Soozan Nalan-Killi
Message: habits of the king  

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