Saturday, 4 October 2014

Purananuru # 021

You the king having stardom beyond my knowledge!
You destroyed the fort in KAANAP_PEEREYIM making its king VEENGAI MAARBAN to regret trembling every day after the event.

  • It had trench to the depth of soil, fort to the height of heaven by sight, aiming-areas like stars, surrounding forest without penetrating sunlight, gourd-homes of watch to defend the enemies.
  • You destroyed it could not be recovered as the water eaten by heated iron.
Be your spear with glory of your foe-kings.

Poem by: MUULN_KIZAAR of AIYUUR village
Poem to: UKKIRA_PERU_VAZUTHI who won the war in KAANAPEER village
Message: victory      
Refer the original poem in Tamil with annotation 

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