Friday, 19 August 2016

Agananuru 182

The friend-maid requests the hero not to come in night-time to meet her lady, the heroine; and advices him to come in day time.
You are the Man of the hill-track. Your peoples, Kuravar will wear Vengai-flower on their head. They used to hunt roaming with bow on shoulder; and hunting dog following. They kill porcupine that makes the flowers blood strained.  
It is night- time you are coming here. Heavy rain pours with thunder that kills cobra while raising its head in rage. Feeling the danger that will fall upon you, she is always suffering with tears in eye.
Hence she wants you to come at noon-time. On the route you can enjoy seeing monkey jumping from branch to branch of trees after eating tender leaves of pepper plant of spicy.
Pepper plant 
A poem by: Kabilar
The text is belongs to second century B.C. or earlier.

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