Thursday, 18 August 2016

Agananuru 181

The hero on his route in a distant place speaks to his mind that dragging him back.
You, my mind, you must have courage to proceed; but you are dragging me back. Have you decided to return back to home to enjoy your lady?
Warrior captain Minjili leading an army brought many forts under his control. Once he killed his opponent Ai-Einan attacking him as God Murugan killed his foe in a blood shedding battle field. Ai-Einan was used to save birds. His pet-birds, seeing their savior’s body in the battle field, call some other birds; and make him shadow from attacking sun heat flying over his body in the air.
AlaMutram is a village on the bank of Cauvery River. There was temple for God Shiva, who pronounces the primary Veda. He has three eyes in his head. There was a tank in a park in that village. The girls in that village used to play Vandal-game in the park; and the last day of the festive-game they let their doll used in the festive-game, to sink in the water of the pond. The village was situated in the country having Puhar harbor as its capital.
The braided hair of your wife will enjoy all the perfumes in that country. She will appear as Damsel. That is why you are dragging back.
God Siva under the shadow of Banyan tree 

God Siva under the shadow of Banyan tree 

Buddha under the shadow of Banyan tree | analogy  

A poem by: Paranar
The text is belongs to second century B.C. or earlier.

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