Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Agananuru 177

“Even though your man goes beyond the River Ayiriyaru to earn wealth, he will never forget your beast in which he wrote tattoo; and return home early; and don’t worry” the friend-maid consoles her lady, the heroine.
“My beauty has gone away; he did not return; what shall I do?” saying these words don’t weep. You have braided your hair in Aimbal style applying oil. He will come to put flowers on it. Now he will be crossing bamboo forest. It will be dry by sun heat with rocks. The peacocks will be dreaming to eat the fruits of bitter-guard. That is the river-bed of Ayiriyaru (in Mysore). Philanthropist Pannan being a warrior destroyed the war-force attacked him. He is living in a village on the northern bank of the River Cauvery. His house is rest near a pond with Mango tree. Your complexion is as that of the tender leaf of that mango tree. Once he wrote tattoo on your breast. He will never forget his play on your breast. He will return early; don’t worry.
Complexion of Tamil girls referred in ancient literature; Mango tender leaves   
A poem by: Seyalur Ilampon Attan Kotran
The text is belongs to second century B.C. or earlier.

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