Thursday, 11 August 2016

Agananuru 159

The friend-maid consoles her lady by these words. Salt cultivators sell their product in other area loading in bullock cart. They join many carts in row to pull all carts by cooperating strength. On the route they cook their food in three stone top ovens. After eating they leave their ovens in fire. The natives of the land used to live by gathering cows, fighting against the owners of the cows. The winners in cow gathering war play Thudi-band in gay. They use the fire left by salt-sellers and fire their meat to eat. Your lover will pass through such a route, is true. But don’t worry for the route. Amur is the safest village. It is on the eastern side of hills of rocks. Once, King Vanavan attacked the village. The village has fort around with aiming points on top. The ruler of the village, Kodumudi defeated the attackers and kept the village in his safe custody. Suppose, your lover get the chance of living in that village, don’t worry, he will not stay there forgetting hug in your wonderful breast.

A poem by: Avur Goutaman SaDevanar
The text is belongs to second century B.C. or earlier.

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