Friday, 29 May 2015

Purananuru 342

She, the heroine of the poem does not become one’s wife except one who proves his bravery in war. (That is the theme of bravery family of ancient Tamils).
She has beauty as the God of Beauty likes to earn the heroine’s beauty.  The girl appears wearing the head-garland made of Mayilai flowers. Her breast is not proportionate to her height; but large.
You, a gentle man, asks me, whether she would become a wife of an ordinary man. No, she wouldn’t become so. She is eligible to become wife to one who proves his bravery in war.     
Her father is a chieftain of a fertile land. There the young crane bird eats fish eggs and young fishes sitting on the side the bank of the water field. (In the same way she is killing the persons in war).
The monarch indulges in war to get her marry. Her father and brother are also attacking him in war in refusal. The end of the war will decide her fate.

Poem by: Arisil Kilar
Poem on: war on getting a lady
Context: a monarch starts war against a chieftain who refused to give his daughter to marry the ruler.
The poem belongs to second century B.C. 

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