Sunday, 17 May 2015

Purananuru 320

The house is situated among the forest. Jack-fruit trees are shadowing. Herbs MUNJJAI and MUSUNDAI are spread. An elephant-hunter is sleeping with his bow and arrow in hand, in his tiredness. A female deer trained to catch male deer is playing. A wild male deer comes and is sexing with that female.
The lady of the house spreads some yellow-millet THINAI on a skin of an animal. She wants to disturb neither the hunter nor the union of dear. She keeps idle. Utilizing this chance, fowl-birds and wild-hens swallowed the grains entirely. There is no grain to cook.
Meanwhile a musician PAANAN with his crew comes. They are hosts. The lady of the house requests them to stay at her home for the night. She says that she will give them to eat Anchovy fish fry in raw fire. You can eat along with your whole family. My husband will return on the next morning. He will give you all the gifts he received from the king for his duty. Please stay for the night.          

Poem by: Verai Veliyanar
Poem on: A woman of patron family
Context: behavior of patron family
The poem belongs to second century B.C. 

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