Saturday, 9 May 2015

Purananuru 299

Cavalry was started. Two horses were in combat. The one that ate the removed portion of black-grain (Uzhundu) penetrates the force. The other that ate gee mixed rice-food stands away giving space for the former. The king of the former horse has his territory of meadow land having his capital fenced with wild-cotton plant. The king of the other horse has his territory of fertile land. This horse also beautified with trimmed hair at its neck and a garland in it.
How the latter horse stands away?
A woman in her menses period does not touch the cooking vessels. They worship the God Murugan standing outside the temple. As the woman does the horse that ate gee-rice-food stands away while the other horse run through.        

Poem by: PonMudiyar
Poem on: cavalry
Context: one horse attacks and the other retreats 
The poem belongs to second century B.C. 

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