Friday, 1 May 2015

Purananuru 285

The poet calls the attention of the warriors in camp.
You see, a warrior with a wound sat down picking the spear of an opponent that hit in his chest. The flash and blood of his body in the spear strained his foot-ankle ornament Kalal in leg. He was taken home. The band artist carries his spear. His shield in his chest was carried by the sting musician Panan. The officials of king are also following. On knowing his venture all the people praised him of victory. The hero bends his head as a token of shameful of praising others in front him. Furthermore the king endowed him wet-land to his credit, who was suffering with poor family having some dry-land in waste.         

Poem by: ArisilKilar
Poem on: hero warrior
Context: endowment of cultivated-land to the victorious wounded warrior by the king  
The poem belongs to second century B.C. 

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