Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Purananuru 236

Monkey eating jack-fruit – Live 
You Pari, the excellent patron, you know that the beasts also patron in your country. The remaining portion of the jack-fruit will become food for hill dweller in your country.  
You, my friend! You are not too intimate to me; because you prevent me to die along with you saying to be here. Is it good for our friendship? (Suppose you would have ordered me let your daughters to be married. If it is so that duty is also finished). Now let me be along with you). Let the Almighty force of Fat unite us eternally.

Poem by: Poet Kapilar
Poem on: King Pari
Context: king Pari died. The poet did the marriage to the king’s daughters with a Brahman. After this he composed the poem.

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