Friday, 26 December 2014

Purananuru # 152

King Ori of Kolli-Hills is an expert archest.
Once, his shooting arrow killed penetrating a number of beasts: elephant, tiger, deer, pig and udumbu (Iguana).
“Who will be the archest”, the poet thinks and doubt as the brave king Ori of the hill region as he is wearing diamond-garland on his chest.
“Who may be, let us sing on his bravery” the poet said his music crew.
There, a song rose with musical background: band, trumpet, yazh, ellari(Percussion), patalai (pot-drum) and beating-signal-stick.
At the end of the song they raised Corus voice “Ko”.
The word ‘ko’ in Tamil denotes a king.
Hearing the voice the king stood ashamed of praising.
His behavior of feeling betrayed his royal position.
So the poet started to put their aim of request before him saying “we are coming from long distance”.
As the poet started revealing his aim, the king fired the deer-meat and gave them to eat along with honey. After they ate he endowed enormous wealth of his country in the mid-way of the forest-hill.
There is no doubt; he is the King Ori of the region.

Poem by: VanParanar
Poem on: King Valvil Ori
Context: while leaving with gifts given by the king.

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