Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Purananuru # 098

Mustard, the oil of which is poured to fire the wood, the smoke of which heal the cut-wound
To heal the wound of the warriors this oil was fired 
My lord!

  • On seeing your ride on elephant, your opponents shut the fort gate with latch and hide in.
  • On seeing your horse galloping on the fallen warriors, your opponents put thorn sticks before their entrance.
  • On seeing your spears removed from leather cover, your opponents covered their chest with leather-shield.
  • On seeing the scar on the chest of your warriors, your opponents, put rest their shooting arrows in their carry box.
  • Even though your opponents rising fire with pouring white mustard oil as a symbol of peace you did not stop your attack as a Death-God.
Alas! What will happen to the land of opponents?
Poem by: Avvaiyar
Poem on:  king Atiyaman Neduman Anji
Context: Behavior

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