Monday, 10 November 2014

Purananuru # 084

Vegetarian food
The king eats vegetarian food
He is so strong   
My Man is vegetarian. With this food he has brave shoulders. I am free to enjoy. But I am pale with my doting. If my Man enters in war-field he will be dreadful to his opponents who come to the field after celebrating their victory previously. He is dreadful to them as the ascending land to the salt-sellers to drive their cart.
Poem by: Nakkannaiyar, a female poet, daughter of PerunKoziNaykan (means a voyage merchant lives in PerunKozi(Uraiur) village
Poem on:  KopPeruNatrKilli, the king Porvai, a village, the capital of his country
Context: one-sided love on the king

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