Wednesday, 19 November 2014

History of Tolkappiyam

Tolkappiyar statue 
Prologue on Tolkappiyam.

  • Tamil speaking country is between Venkatam hill in north and Kumari point in south. 
  • The spoken language and the approaching points of previous scholars are the source materials for this work. 
  • Words in letter-form [ezuttu], syntax in word-form [sol] and matter in literature-form [porul] are the subject matters dealt in. 
  • All the previous works are considered and carried over. 
  • This is a linguistic work. 
  • By this work the author appears as Tolkappian. 
  • This is a flawless work. 
  • This was published in the literary court of the king NilamTaruTiruvin Pandian. 
  • Poet AtanKotuAsan, the chairman of the court, being well versed in four Vedas, raised some doubts and were cleared by the author.  
  • The author has a sound knowledge in ‘Intiram’ (a Sanskrit school of grammar prior to Panini work of Sanskrit grammar). He is a sage.   

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