Thursday, 16 October 2014

Purananuru # 050

the king is fanning the poet 
Royal band

  • It was covered by leather and tightened by leather strips.
  • It was decorated with peacock feather at the bottom.
  • There was ‘ulinjai’ flowers made of gold (as a sign of war, it had connected).
  • It had the journey to have both in blood outside.
Royal-bed to band

  • It had the mattress as soft as oil foam.
  • The poet rest and slept on the bed.
  • The king returned after band-ceremony.
  • He saw the poet sleeping on band-cot.
  • He waved the royal fan on him to sleep sound.
  • When the poet woke up saw the happenings.
He felt and praised king saying these words.

  • “You would have cut me to death. You did not. This is enough to prove your Tamil culture. Further more you are fanning on me. I heard that only the people having fame in this world will get the Heavenly world of enjoyment. I am the crime enjoying bliss in this world.”   
Poem by: MosiKiranar
Poem to: Perunjeral Irumborai, The Chera King, who won the battle at Takadur (the capital of King Athiyaman.  
Message: praising  

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