Monday, 13 October 2014

Purananuru # 042

honey-hive in the field of sugarcane
You the king of war and endowment!
Your elephant is like hill.
Your army is alarming like sea-wanes.
Your spear is turning as lightning.
The kings are trembling after.
This deed is against goodness.
This is not a new one to you.
I like there should be no clash except water in river. Have your land be safe as baby-tiger under its mother watch. It is a good rule.
There is no need to attack dry-land.
Your land is fertile enough. There are plenty of fish in water flowing in field, tortoise while plowing, honey-hive in the field of sugarcane and water lily in pond – all of these are offered by your people to the people of the country you are going to attach.
Poets are flowing towards you as water flows from hill to down land. But you are watching to seize other two counties.
Poem by: Idai-Kaadanaar
Poem to: Soozan KilliValavan, who died at Kulamutram village.
Message: requesting peace in country

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