Monday, 6 October 2014

Purananuru # 024

King Nedunjeziyan wo won the battle at the war-field of Thaliyaalangaanam attached Mutthuutru town to his kingdom. Mutthuutru is a country portion having Nalluur in its part. In Nalluur, Farmer Veelir is the aboriginal people. They are all farmers.
The workers while harvesting, if sun heat attacks, have relief playing in waves of the sea.
The fisher men returned with fish by boat on sea enjoy ‘kuravai’ dance in happy mood after drinking ‘mattu’ wine.
The guys wearing ‘punnai’ flower on head indulge in ‘thazuu’ dance (shoulder-hand side-hugging dance) mingling with ladies bangles in hand.
Young girls with bangles in hand and flower ‘mundagam’ (a kind of flower blossoms in seashore ponds) on head play in sea after drinking trio-cocktail mix Palmyra-toddy, ‘thazai’-toddy and sugarcane-juice.
Bird cranes after eating fishes in wet-field sleep at stray-hive.
The king of the country is called ‘Evvi’. He is famous by his endowment as the water flows in turning corner into the field.
The aborigine people of this area are called ‘thontru muthir veelir’ (ancestrally farmers) used to ride on elephants.
The country portion is called ‘Mutthuutru’ that was attached by king ‘Nedunjeziyan’ on victory.
This king is called ‘kodi-theer-cheziyan’  (king Cheziyan on chariot).
“Have many happy returns of his birth-day”, the poet hails.
He may enjoy the wine that was feed by his ladies while he is endowing offerings to need’s and sword bodyguards are surrounding.
Only a few people can enjoy this kind of benevolent treatment and they are only mended as living persons while other being waste.

Poem by: Maangudi Kizaar (He is known as Head of the ‘Poets’ form’ – ‘sangam’)
Poem to: PAANDIYAN NEDUNJEZIYAN, the king who won the battle at THALAIYAALN_KAANAM war field.
Message: victory  

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