Sunday, 5 October 2014

Purananuru # 023

tiger hunting deer 
The pathetic scene of the country destroyed by king spoken here is portrayed by the poet.  
The drinking water sector where the elephant spoiled bathing,
The land with thrown up remaining after enjoyment by the war force as that of God Nurugan’s Kuuliyar force,
The park-fort with trees cut by axe,
Fired portions in town,
These are the pathetic sceneries in defeated countries. The kings of these countries ashamed and feared that such kind of may happen again. I saw them in person.
Furthermore even in the forest the female deer that lost its mate to a tiger is grassing flower ‘veelai’ leaving flower ‘poolai’ (both are white in colour).

Poem to: PAANDIYAN NEDUNJEZIYAN, the king who won the battle at THALAIYAALN_KAANAM war field.
Message: victory
Refer the original poem in Tamil with annotation 

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