Friday, 3 October 2014

Purananuru # 016

Cavalry of modern period 
The matter of destroying by the elegant force of the king is discussed here.

  • He destroyed cavalry and treading-force.
  • He let his horses to feed in farms.
  • Woods in houses are used as fire-wood.
  • He let his elephants to bath in ponds of drinking water.
  • His fire at noon makes the sky red as in evening time.
  • His army is boundless.
  • He did not need any companion.
Sword in hand and sandal cream on his chest; it is his appearance.
He appears as God MURUGAM by virtue of angry and charm.
With the help of his elephant he lets farms fire; that the forms being fertile with flowers and sugarcane.

Poem to: PERU-NATR-KILLI, King CHOOLAN, who performed Aswameda yagam  
Aim: praising and advising  

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